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    javascript compressor disabled

    hi i was using these great compressor Online for some time ... but today suddenly i found that the compressor is disabled on the homepage ...pls help me i need to use it.... or is it just i m having these problem??

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    Re: javascript compressor disabled

    Hi, it must be your browser. Try clearing the cache and cookie for the site - it may help.

    Alternatively try another browser.

    Let us know what helps.


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    Re: javascript compressor disabled

    I think the website is down today, i have opened the website from 4 type of browsers and it did not work, please help us to use the website again, it is a great tool and it is the first time that i face this problem.

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    Re: javascript compressor disabled

    Hi, what part of the website doesn't work for you? Is it the entire page that doesnt load or is does nothing happen when you press the "compress" button?

    Thanks, hope to be able to help.

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